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Anthem of the Heart (2015) watch online free streaming

Anthem of the Heart (2015) online free streaming
  • Year: 2015
  • Runtime: 119 min. / 01:59
  • Language: English sub
  • Country: Japan
  • Genres: Movies 2015 / Animation / Drama / Fantasy
  • Director: Tatsuyuki Nagai
  • Cast: Sora Amamiya, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Inori Minase, Koki Uchiyama
Anthem of the Heart (2015) full movie online free megashare: A young girl had her voice magically taken away so that she would never hurt people with it, but her outlook changes when she encounters music and friendship. Смотреть фильм Anthem of the Heart (2015) онлайн на английском языке.
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Reviews to Anthem of the Heart (2015) (12)
13 декабря 2016 05:07 Kumi
And so it turned out to be the baseball ace was Jun Naruse prince charming all a long and not Sakagami. Love the twist! Tasaki is awesome bwahaha haha.... The curse is lifted and who caRes if the protagonist didn't get to be with the one she confessed to, I vote for happy ending. Every one got the courage they needed, the end.
25 ноября 2016 00:21 Jagen
I love it. The ending was good too.
20 ноября 2016 04:11 -.-
It was a wonderdfull, touching movie but I got a little disipointed by the end ;-;
11 сентября 2016 21:58 Cheen
I keep thinking that a huge part of me hates the ending because takumi and naruse didn't end up together, but i know in my heart that the ending touched my heart to its core. I absolutely loved it, it showed not only a believable ending, it also showed a very wonderful lesson, both in love and in life in my opinion.
2 июля 2016 03:00 Wtf
So the guy didn't like the cursed girl but is gf from junior high..... Wasted my time. Honestly.
17 июня 2016 20:45 k
a very touching anime indeed!
6 июня 2016 16:31 hazzy
Awesome movie!! So touching. Made me cry like crazy and the songs were so good
1 июня 2016 08:12 Bitcj
I fucking detest this movie, a waste of 2 hours. I'm gonna kill myslef.
24 мая 2016 12:46 Dmx
This movie is just a rAndom trash
12 мая 2016 06:53 NameOlivia
Absolutely loved this. 10/10 Heart warming and relates to many people in many ways. Great for any anime watcher who loves slice of life, romance, and drama animes. This movie met all my expectations and higher. I will forever love this movie.
6 мая 2016 08:22 Help
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5 мая 2016 23:29 ...
How can I watch it?? It won't Play..
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