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Maximum Ride (2016) watch online free streaming

Maximum Ride (2016) online free streaming
Maximum Ride (2016) full movie online free megashare: Six children genetically cross-bred with avian DNA, complete with wings, take flight around the country to discover their origins. Смотреть фильм Maximum Ride (2016) онлайн на английском языке.
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Reviews to Maximum Ride (2016) (10)
3 декабря 2016 11:24 Good
i liked it. there was a few changes but its good.
17 ноября 2016 11:42 GamerGal
I got so hyped up about his movie because I enjoyed the books, only to be disappointed by bad CGI and having the characters act completely different from the books. I would not recommend this movie to anyone and think it is a waste of time. Money not well spent
4 ноября 2016 19:26 The Banster
If youre up for a cringefest- this is the movie for you.
1 ноября 2016 13:38 Plain dumb
I'd be fine with simple plot changes, but not the ways they changed the characters. I read the first book 7 years ago when I was twelve, but I am positive that they acted nothing like the way they did in the movie. Max very much cared for her family and never showed signs of being selfish, and Nudge was never bitchy towards her. And Max was never bitchy towards any of them. Gazzy was almost fine, but he never once lightened the atmosphere like he did in the books. He was the fun character in the books. Iggy was like the dad in the books, but in the movie his only personality trait was, "I'm blind but ya know." Nudge acted like fashion was more important than saving Angel and was more selfish than anyone. And Fang wasn't even a main character. He was just bland and barely input anything noteworthy. I don't think they ever said his name once in the movie, too, funny enough. Angel is the only character that fit from what I remember. But they did a really good job of not making any of the characters likable in this movie. Even to someone who hadn't read the books they would come across as bland and one dimensional.
28 октября 2016 18:19 wth
have read the books several times had high hopes for the movie just kept being disappointed by the poor casting choices and the bull shitting in the plot it was so different from the book
22 октября 2016 22:48 THIS MOVIE WAS SHIT
11 октября 2016 16:42 Eli
this is a high school project.. very awful
4 октября 2016 20:44 High Hopes Fall Far
I agree with annom. Had high hopes, could have been better but obviously only a low budget movie. Also, the TRON-style soundtrack was nowhere near suitable.
2 октября 2016 15:34 just no
Max cant have brown hair- her hair is white in the books
19 сентября 2016 21:13 annom
well that was.... hmmm.... disappointing I suppose, ahh, I was expecting so much more, for how long it took for the movie to come out. The acting was fine, I guess, but maybe max should've had brown hair, and well, it was very low budget looking. I would watch a second, but I'm afraid there wont be because of how people will react to the movie. The books were so much better. But I do wish the actors good luck in future movies!
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